2023 Health Programs

  • April: Dysmenorrhea Walk
  • May: Mental Health Awareness White Paper
    • Billboards Supporting Mental Health
  • Year Long: Social Media Campaign
    • Cancer Awareness
    • COVID- 19

Chair, Tonya Coats, MD
Kim Darey, MD and Lisa Green, MD
Meeting 3rd Wednesday 7:00pm


COVID Vaccine Facts

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Chicago Metropolitan Chapter wants
you to get your vaccination.  We trust the science of the Black and Brown
Researchers who helped develop the vaccines, and we have confidence in the
Black and Brown healthcare providers who also trust the vaccines.

We believe the COVID-19 vaccines will save Black and Brown lives.

Take your shot

Free vaccinations are available now.

  • Walgreens across Chicagoland. No insurance required.
  • Family Christian Health Center, 31 W. 155th Street in Harvey, Illinois
    (60426). No insurance required. Walk-ins are welcome on Tuesdays, Wednesdays
    & Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm, and Thursdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm.
    If you have questions, call 708-271-8777.
  • Visit for more options that do not require insurance.

Spread the good word

If you are vaccinated, great job! Now, tell your family members and friends
who are not vaccinated to trust you and get vaccinated, too. If we do this
together, then we can slow the spread of the virus and get back to activities
like family gatherings and travel.

Stay vigilant

Remember to mask up according to state public health guidelines.  Clean highly
touched surfaces and wash your hands often.

Trust the science

Medical experts have worked on the science behind the COVID-19 vaccines for
many years. Experts built on this science to make the COVID-19 vaccines
quickly. Governments gave more money than usual for vaccine research. The FDA
cut some red tape out of the vaccine approval process without cutting the

Trust your doctors

Many healthcare workers have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine. They trust the
vaccine to protect themselves, their families, and their patients.

The real deal

Hundreds of millions of people have gotten the vaccines so far. The vaccines
protect you very well against the worst effects of COVID-19. If you get the
vaccine, you are very unlikely to need hospital care or die from COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccines can’t make you sick with COVID-19. Some people have flu-like
reactions after getting the vaccine. These reactions are normal. They mean
that the vaccine is helping your body build protection against COVID-19.
Serious reactions to the vaccine are very rare (about 1 in a million). So are
allergic reactions. Just in case, you will be monitored for 15 minutes after
receiving the vaccine. The CDC continues to check on people who get the


This campaign to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations is a health initiative of the
National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Chicago Metropolitan Chapter. We’d like
to thank the Michael Reese Health Foundation for the grant to make this
campaign possible. We also appreciate the creative services provided by
Outfront Media for our Chicago-area billboard advertising campaign. And, we
want to acknowledge the involvement of our members in vaccination advocacy at
community events and via direct phone calls to community